Warehousing & Distributive Management Services, Inc.

Why WDMS?      BACK

  Public warehousing can be of great service to you 

  • We shall free you of the burden of a physical plant

  • We shall free you of the burden of material handling equipment

  • We shall free you of the burden of material handling personnel

  • We shall free you of the burden of clerical personnel 
           for the preparation of order documentation.

  • We can receive product for you

  • We can submit receiving documentation

  • We can maintain a perpetual inventory

  • We can accept orders from you or your customers via e-mail, fax, telephone or our website.

  • We can also prepare shipment documentation, 
    enter part numbers, lot numbers and other data required on shipping papers. 

  • We can ship material or allow customer pick ups if preferable

  • We can even deliver, if you so request that service.

Our STORAGE and DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM will work for you

  • We are service oriented
  • On on a consistent basis, orders are delivered, shipped or ready for customer pick up when you specify.
  • We offer you the best rates available - not necessarily the lowest - "best" defined as the lowest rates available while maintaining the highest service level.
  • Your cost for space? You pay for only what you use.
  • Our reputation for timely and accurate documentation and expediting enable us to reduce your exposure to claims.
  • Our buildings are sprinklered with 24-hour central station sprinkler, as well as burglar alarm protection.
  • Our location in Western NY is a competitive advantage because Rochester is in close proximity to major East Coast markets without the high cost associated with a major metropolitan area. One-third of the US and Canadian population is within 500 miles of Rochester, NY, all within overnight delivery by truck.
  • Our warehouse is located within proximity to Interstates 390 + 490 from which all points in the Metropolitan Rochester area can be reached easily.

We care for your customer like you care for your customer  and this is OUR CUSTOMER CREED

WE BELIEVE . . . . . . .

      A customer is the reason we are in business . . . .

      A customer desires to be treated as we would wish to be treated . . . .

    A customer wants and appreciates the attentive treatment we give . . . .

    A customer is a friend . . . .

    A customer is the LIFEBLOOD of our organization